Thursday, January 31, 2008

Merged Outline Discussion

As some of you might have seen, I've started two sections of the handbook called Introduction and Get OER. As I've been writing, it has become clear that the merged outline is trying to hit two different audiences. One seems to be a micro-level, grassroots audience (such as teachers) and the other is a more macro-level, institution-oriented audience. For example, we have parts of the "Background" section that apply to both audiences, and parts of it that would apply more towards institution-wide OER projects. From there, the handbook goes to the "Get OER" section, which as outlined, is relevant for both, but mostly for micro-level development. After "Get OER" is the "Publish" section, which is mostly macro-level.

Some have pointed out that both perspectives are needed. However, writing the handbook with the two audiences may be impractical. One suggestion is that the handbook should have two parts: one for grassroots OER development, the other for institution-wide. I would like to hear from you. Anyone is welcome to make suggestions either on this blog, or on the discussion page of the merged outline.

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