Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We need user stories

As the educator mini-handbook takes shape it is time to add stories. This project needs stories in the following areas:

Finding OER: Which sources have you found particularly useful? Not helpful? Search engine strategies?

Creating OER: Software, practices and tips for creating an OER.

Localize and Remix OER: Stories of OER projects that involved remix, or why you localized a particular OER.

Licensing perspectives: Which license do you prefer to use and why? Would you recommend a different license for beginners?

Using OER: Stories of using OER, both in the classroom and online.

Publishing OER: Strategies for successful publishing and why you chose a particular method. 

These stories do not have to be glowing reports of successful OER's, because newcomers can learn just as much from failures as they can successes. The stories do not have to be particularly long; a simple paragraph in most cases would be great. I've written a few starting statements and you're welcome use these ideas as a springboard for your own.

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