Friday, February 8, 2008

Outline Meeting

This past Wednesday Wayne Mackintosh, Leigh Blackall, Teemu Leinonen and David Wiley as well as others meet virtually to discuss the direction of the handbook. The audio will be posted as soon as it's available. The current feeling is that dividing the project into multiple mini-handbooks might be appropriate. Therefore, we are beginning to experiment creating high-level outlines for these mini-handbooks. Once these new outlines have been agreed on, we'll look at making the sections at little more granular so it isn't quite as intimidating for potential volunteers.

In the meanwhile, certain sections that we know will make it into at least one of the mini-handbooks are beginning to be written. Feel free to take a look at these sections and make suggestions.

You'll also notice that Wayne added a project history and links to planning documents. These new pages should help visitors get oriented more quickly.

Update: Audio available at Internet Archive.

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mackiwg said...


Members from the UNESCO OER-List will be joining our next L4C training session scheduled for February 25 to March 7.

This will be a good opportunity to encourage further review and participation from folk around the world.